The Grasp Lock was a cleverly designed “smart bike lock” with a unique form and a number of clever features.

Most notable was the way the shackle locked. The shackle itself consisted of two spring loaded arms that pivoted at the base to close around whatever they were securing, a bit like a crabs claw.

The lock contained a motor which would extrude a thick metal bolt where the two arms met to secure the lock when the user released it.

The Grasp Lock did away with traditional keys, instead using an optical sensor that sat at the bottom of the lock to read users fingerprints, which were stored in the obligatory smart phone app.

Designed by a group of University of Waterloo Mechantronics Engineering graduates, the Grasp Lock was developed from a proof of concept all the way through to a pre-production model.

Unfortunately it never made it to the market though, and the Grasp Lock is not available to buy anywhere and is no longer being developed.

Grasp Lock 1.0 in Action

Grasp Lock 2.0 in Action

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